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Firebird Project Development News
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Firebird 3.0.7 sub-release is available

2020, október 20 - 19:49
Kategóriák: Informatika

Firebird-driver & Firebird-lib 1.0.0 released

2020, október 13 - 18:33
New Firebird driver for Python - the firebird-driver package - and the extension package firebird-lib versions 1.0.0 were released.
Kategóriák: Informatika

Firebird Developer Days Convened Online in 2020

2020, szeptember 29 - 00:21
Developer Days in Brazil go online and yield record donations for Firebird development
Kategóriák: Informatika

New Article: Firebird Gbak Tips And Tricks

2020, szeptember 17 - 00:00
Firebird GBAK is a powerful command-line tool, included in every Firebird distribution, and one of the most frequently used, and often Firebird developers and administrators use it ineffectively or in a non-secure way. The article "Firebird Gbak Tips And Tricks" walks through the simplest gbak commands to the advanced options. It is written with the idea to answer the typical questions from Firebird users and provide ready-to-use optimized commands to perform backup and restore.
Kategóriák: Informatika

Boolean support in PHP driver

2020, augusztus 17 - 18:56
A new version of the Firebird PHP driver is available. This version supports boolean support. Precompiled binaries for PHP 7.3 and 7.4 are available at the download section.
Kategóriák: Informatika

Jaybird 4.0.1 released

2020, augusztus 11 - 01:00
Kategóriák: Informatika

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