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Megőrültünk? Igen. 600 informatikai tanfolyam 1 áráért (x) - 2020, október 25 - 10:00
Megőrültünk? Igen. 600 informatikai tanfolyam 1 áráért (x) Hirdetés hup 2020. 10. 25., v - 10:00

Előfizetési lehetőség a NetAcademia és a Training360 mind a 600 online tanfolyamára 1 éven át 1 tanfolyam áráért. Siess, ez az őrült ajánlat csak október 31-ig él! További részletek »

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A Plasma Browser Integration elérhető az Edge felhasználók számára is - 2020, október 25 - 09:38
A Plasma Browser Integration elérhető az Edge felhasználók számára is KDE trey 2020. 10. 25., v - 09:38

.@MicrosoftEdge finally gets KHTML superpowers and integrates with Plasma!

— KDE Community (@kdecommunity) October 24, 2020

Mint az ismert, a Microsoft két évtized után ismét biztosít webböngészőt UNIX-szerű rendszerek felhasználói számára azzal, hogy kiadta (jelenleg preview) Chromium-alapú Edge böngészőjét Linuxra. Ezzel megnyílt az út azelőtt, hogy szervesen integrálhassák például a KDE Plasma-val. A Plasma Browser Integration mostantól működik a Microsoft Edge böngészővel is.

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ubuntu-iso-download - új, egyszerű módszer az Ubuntu ISO-k letöltésére - 2020, október 25 - 08:44
ubuntu-iso-download - új, egyszerű módszer az Ubuntu ISO-k letöltésére Ubuntu trey 2020. 10. 25., v - 08:44

New release of #Ubuntu out? Download and verify the ISO from your legacy Linux distribution with ubuntu-iso-download! Specify a flavour & release, and you'll have a verified ISO in no time!

snap install ubuntu-iso-download

— Ubuntu (@ubuntu) October 24, 2020
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Tribblix / OmniTribblix 0m23.2 - 2020, október 25 - 08:02
Tribblix / OmniTribblix 0m23.2 Solaris, OpenSolaris, Illumos trey 2020. 10. 25., v - 08:02

ISO images for Tribblix and OmniTribblix 0m23.2 now available

— Peter Tribble (@tribblix) October 24, 2020

Megjelent az OpenSolaris, OpenIndiana és illumos alapokra építkező Tribblix operációs rendszer (és OmniTribblix variánsának) Milestone m23 update 2 kiadása. ISO image-ek letölthetők innen.

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A RIAA letiltatta YouTube-DL repóját a GitHub-on - 2020, október 24 - 16:56
A RIAA letiltatta YouTube-DL repóját a GitHub-on RaptoR 2020. 10. 24., szo - 16:56

Az amerikai lemezkiadókat tömörítő Recording Industry Association of America, Inc. (RIAA) küldött a GitHub-nak (azaz a Microsoftnak) egy felszólítást a Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) törvényre hivatkozva, hogy tiltsa le a népszerű YouTube-DL nevű program repóját, amivel videókat lehetett letölteni különféle videómegosztó oldalakról, köztük a YouTube-ról is. A GitHub engedelmeskedett felszólításnak, így elérhetetlenné vált az eredeti repository és a forkjai is.

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drupal 9.1.0-alpha1 - 2020, október 23 - 17:21

This is an alpha release for the next minor (feature) release of Drupal 9. Alphas are good testing targets for developers and site builders who are comfortable reporting (and where possible, fixing) their own bugs. Alpha releases are not recommended for non-technical users, nor for production websites. More information on alpha releases.

This minor release provides new improvements and functionality without breaking backward compatibility (BC) for public APIs. Note that there may be changes in internal APIs and experimental modules that require updates to contributed and custom modules and themes per Drupal core's backwards compatibility and experimental module policies.

Drupal 9.1.x contains new features, and should be the target for new site development going forward. Drupal 8.9.x will continue to have security support until November 2021, and Drupal 9.0.x will continue to have security support until June 2021.

Regardless of which version you choose now, features will only be added to Drupal 9 minor releases, so plan to adopt Drupal 9 this year so that you can easily update to Drupal 9.2 and later.

Important update information Updating from Drupal 8

For information on updating from Drupal 8 to Drupal 9, see Upgrading a Drupal 8 site to Drupal 9.

Sites on 8.7 or earlier must update to either 8.8 or 8.9 before updating to Drupal 9 as all Drupal 8 update functions from before Drupal 8.8.0-rc1 were removed from Drupal 9. We recommend updating to 8.9.x, as well as updating all contributed modules, before updating to any Drupal 9 release.

Note: The migration paths from Drupal 6 and Drupal 7 to Drupal 9 will remain supported throughout Drupal 9's release cycle.

Note for users of the experimental Workspaces module: Existing Drupal 8 sites using the experimental Workspaces module must update to at least Drupal 8.8.2 before updating to Drupal 9. (This is due to a required data integrity fix.) Remember that Workspaces is currently in beta status and is not intended for production.

Upgrading from Drupal 7

Drupal 7 users can continue to migrate to Drupal 8.8 or 8.9, or migrate to 9.0 or 9.1 directly. The upgrade path for multilingual sites is stable in Drupal 9.0.0, 8.9.0, and 8.8.7!

Changes to robots.txt and .htaccess

This release includes changes to the default versions of both robots.txt and .htaccess files shipped with Drupal core. Site owners should back up any customized versions of these files before updating, and add their customizations back in after updating.

  • Drupal's default robots.txt file (used for informing web crawlers what paths to not index) has been updated to disallow indexing of the user registration, password reset, login, and logout routes. These rules were already in place for years, but were ineffective because they had an incorrect trailing slash. This change has removed that trailing slash.

  • Drupal's generated .htaccess files now consistently escape dots (the . character) in rewrite conditions and rules. (For example, statistics.php has been corrected to statistics\.php. See the Drupal core issue for this .htaccess change for full examples.) These changes make the rules slightly more strict (and therefore safer). Site owners should make a backup of customized .htaccess files before updating, and may wish to also escape dots in their own custom rules where appropriate.

Drupal project templates no longer use minimum-stability "dev"

In Drupal 8.8 though 9.0, Drupal's Composer project templates declared a minimum stability of dev with an additional prefer-stable setting, which allowed any development versions of other packages such as modules to be installed with the template.

However, this occasionally produced unexpected results, such as upgrading to newer unstable releases rather than remaining on a current stable release (which could be dangerous for a production website). Therefore, starting with 9.1.0-alpha1, the minimum stability will match the stability of core itself. For example, the 9.1.0-alpha1 templates will have alpha as the minimum stability, and 9.1.0 will have stable.

The core change will not affect existing projects using the previous templates, so we strongly recommend that existing Composer sites also change their own templates to raise the minimum stability. In most cases stable is recommended for production websites. For more information on updating your templates, as well as instructions for allowing individual pre-release modules to be used with your stable templates, review the change record: Drupal project templates no longer use minimum-stability "dev".

PHP 8 compatibility

Drupal 9.1 core has made numerous internal changes in order to be compatible with PHP 8.0, which is due to be released in November. However, full compatibility with PHP 8 is currently blocked by several upstream dependencies that do not have PHP 8 versions available yet.

Some dependency updates required to support PHP 8 might require major version upgrades or other breaking changes:

  • We have already updated Drupal 9.1 to use PHPUnit 9 (details below).
  • We may need to update other dependencies including Composer packages and Laminas packages.
  • Finally, Drupal core's Goutte and Doctrine Reflection dependencies may need to be removed and replaced or supplemented with alternatives that will support PHP 8.

Follow Drupal 9.1's progress for PHP 8 support in the PHP 8 compatibility tracking issue.

Database driver changes for PHP 8 compatibility

A new StatementWrapper class added to wrap PHP's built-in \PDOStatement. Contributed and custom database drivers that use PDO need to use this class for PHP 8 compatibility. See \Drupal\Core\Database\Connection::$statementClass is deprecated; use the new DB API StatementWrapper class instead for more information.

Symfony 5 and 6 forward-compatibility

Work is underway to make Drupal 9 forward-compatible with Symfony 5 (already available) and 6 (not yet released), by ensuring Drupal 9 does not use APIs deprecated in newer releases of Symfony. A few of these fixes may require changes to contributed and custom modules:

  • Sites installed prior to Drupal 9.1.0 that are using a customized version of may need to update the YAML syntax in that file. See YAML format in may need updating for more information.

  • Drupal has been updated for upstream changes in the Symfony 5 Events system, including changes to event classes, the order of arguments for the EventDispatcher::dispatch() method. Review the change record on Symfony 5 Events changes for more information, including suggestions for modules extending ContainerAwareEventDispatcher.

Views exposed filter form changes

Views exposed filters that involve multiple form elements are now wrapped in a fieldset. For example, this applies to numeric filters with a 'Between' operator, or any filter with an exposed operator. The filter label is now always visible, as the fieldset legend, and any included elements are nested inside.

This significantly improves the user interface for both sighted users and people using assistive technology. However, this means that the form structure of the exposed filter form is changed. Sites that implement hook_form_alter() to modify the exposed filter form may have to update that implementation to handle the changed form structure. See the change record on the Views exposed filter form for details.

SimpleTest stub module can no longer be installed

Prior to the release of Drupal 9.0.0, most SimpleTest functionality was replaced by a PHPUnit test suite, and the old SimpleTest module was moved into contrib for projects that had not yet upgraded their tests to PHPUnit. A stub module was left in Drupal 9 core to prevent fatal errors for sites upgrading from Drupal 8 that had for whatever reason left the module enabled. In Drupal 9.1, we've made it so that the core stub module can no longer be installed. If your site still has the SimpleTest module installed, you should uninstall it.

Dependency updates Production dependencies
  • CKEditor has been updated from 4.14.1 to 4.15.0, which includes numerous bugfixes and improvements.

  • Most Symfony components have been updated from 4.4.9 to 4.4.15.

  • Two Symfony components have added new internal dependencies on symfony/http-client-contracts and symfony/polyfill-intl-normalizer, so both dependencies are now included in Drupal 9.1 installations.

  • A couple of unneeded polyfills for versions of PHP prior to 7.3 were unnecessarily included in the core-recommended template and the lockfile. These have now been removed.

  • composer/semver has been updated from 1.5.1 to 1.7.1. It may be updated to a newer major version prior to 9.1.0.

  • Many other top-level dependencies PHP have all been updated to the latest minor and patch versions for the major version in use.

PHPUnit 9

Drupal 9 now uses PHPUnit 9 to run tests on PHP versions higher than PHP 7.3. This prepares Drupal core to support PHP 8 when it is released, but may require some small changes to tests in contributed or custom modules. See the change record about the PHPUnit 9 update for more details.

Other development dependencies
  • symfony/mime and symfony/phpunit-bridge have all received patch-level updates to version 5.1.7. These updated versions resolve several issues with the Drupal test runner.

  • symfony/var-dumper is now a top-level development dependency and has been upgraded from 4.4 to 5.1.7. (Note that an older version of the dependency was previously installed indirectly as a requirement for symfony/error-handler.)

  • The EasyRDF development dependency has been updated from 0.9.0 to 1.0.0 for compatibility with PHP 7.4. See the change record on EasyRDF for more details.

  • The drupal/coder development dependency has been updated from 8.3.9 to 8.3.10, and it has added a new development dependency on sirbrillig/phpcs-variable-analysis.

  • The development composer/composer requirement has been updated from 1.10.8 to 1.10.15.

  • The postcss-preset-env development dependency has been added to replace usage of postcss-custom-properties for CSS post-processing in Claro.

  • All yarn development dependencies have been updated, including major version updates for chalk, chromedriver, cross-env, eslint, eslint-plugin-react-hooks, mkdirp, postcss, postcss-header, prettier, stylelint-config-standard, and terser.

  • Numerous other development dependencies have received patch- and minor-level version updates.

Changes to coding standards

The following additional coding standards have been enabled in the core ruleset:

  • Drupal.Commenting.DocComment.TagsNotGrouped
  • Drupal.Semantics.FunctionT.ConcatString
  • Drupal.NamingConventions.ValidClassName
  • PSR2.Namespaces.UseDeclaration.UseAfterNamespace
  • Squiz.PHP.NonExecutableCode
  • Some parts of the Squiz.ControlStructures.SwitchDeclaration standard.
Known issues

Search the issue queue for known issues.

All changes since 9.0.0

View fixed issues in 9.1.x.

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Announcing the Release of repmgr 5.2.0 - 2020, október 23 - 02:00

Oxford, United Kingdom - 22 October, 2020

2ndQuadrant is proud to announce the release of repmgr 5.2.0. This major release adds support for PostgreSQL 13 and includes several general improvements, important enhancements, and bug fixes.

repmgr is the most popular tool for PostgreSQL replication and failover management that enhances the built-in replication capabilities in PostgreSQL. It simplifies daily management of standby servers and allows smooth execution of administrative tasks such as switchover operations. The automatic failover capability of repmgr allows maximum database uptime and can be combined with other tools such as PgBouncer for high availability.

repmgr 5.2.0 adds the new --verify-backup option to run PostgreSQL's pg_verifybackup utility after cloning a standby to verify the integrity of the copied data (PostgreSQL 13 and later).

Furthermore, repmgr 5.2.0 enhances the failover_validation_command with additional parameters and the configuration option always_promote that is used to control whether a node should be promoted if the repmgr metadata is not up-to-date.

5.2.0 also removes the support for PostgreSQL 9.3, which was designated EOL in November 2018.

For a detailed list of all changes, please read the complete release notes here.

Upgrading to this version is highly recommended for all repmgr users. Upgrade instructions are available here.

Packages and installation documentation are available via 2ndQuadrant’s public RPM and APT repositories from 2ndQuadrant here.

Source files can be downloaded here and installation instructions are available here.

repmgr is distributed under GPL v3.

For more information, please send an email to

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Aktívan kihasznált sebezhetőséget javított a Google a Chrome böngészőben - 2020, október 22 - 08:11
Aktívan kihasznált sebezhetőséget javított a Google a Chrome böngészőben Titkosítás, biztonság trey 2020. 10. 22., cs - 08:11

Google Patches Actively-Exploited Zero-Day Bug In Chrome Browser #news

— packet storm (@packet_storm) October 21, 2020

A Google frissítette Chrome webböngészőjét, amiben egy aktívan kihasznált, a FreeType font rendering library-t érintő memóriakorrupciós sebezhetőséget javított. Érdemes mielőbb frissíteni.

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FreeBSD negyedéves helyzetjelentés - 2020 július-szeptermber - 2020, október 22 - 07:53
FreeBSD negyedéves helyzetjelentés - 2020 július-szeptermber FreeBSD trey 2020. 10. 22., cs - 07:53

#BSDSec [FreeBSD-Announce] FreeBSD Quarterly Status Report - Third Quarter 2020...

— (@BSDSec) October 21, 2020

A FreeBSD projekt közzétette az idei év harmadik negyedévére (július - szeptember) vonatkozó helyzetjelentését. A teljes jelentés elolvasható itt.

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SystemRescue 7.0.0 - 2020, október 21 - 13:27
SystemRescue 7.0.0 Szerszám trey 2020. 10. 21., sze - 13:27

SystemRescue 7.0.0 -

— HUP (@huphu) October 21, 2020 #onhup

François Dupoux kiadta a SystemRescue (korábbi nevén: SystemRescue CD) 7.00-s kiadását. Arch Linuxra épül és Xfce desktopot vonultat fel. A változásokról a changelog ad felvilágosítást. Letöltés:

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Miért a Go lett 2020 legjobban vágyott programozási nyelve? - 2020, október 21 - 11:50
Miért a Go lett 2020 legjobban vágyott programozási nyelve? HUP hup 2020. 10. 21., sze - 11:50

A HackerRank 2020-as, 116.000 fejlesztő válaszaiból készült kutatása szerint a legtöbbjük a Go-t szeretné megtanulni következőleg, amely eredménynek az okait most ebben a cikkben szedtük össze.

Kategóriák: Informatika

TrueNAS CORE-RELEASE - 2020, október 21 - 09:50
TrueNAS CORE-RELEASE FreeBSD trey 2020. 10. 21., sze - 09:50

#TrueNAS CORE-RELEASE is now available for download! This is the first production version of the unified #FreeNAS and TrueNAS release. Please read the release notes before updating. Download it and try it out now! #OpenSource #Storage #Servers

— FreeNAS Community (@freenas) October 20, 2020

A TrueNAS és a FreeNAS egyesülésének eredményeként megszüetett a TrueNAS Core, aminek most letölthető az első éles felhasználásra szánt verziója.

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[Videó] A MagSafe Charger és a tokok - 2020, október 21 - 08:37
[Videó] A MagSafe Charger és a tokok Apple trey 2020. 10. 21., sze - 08:37

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Tails 4.12 - 2020, október 21 - 08:29
Tails 4.12 Titkosítás, biztonság trey 2020. 10. 21., sze - 08:29

Tails 4.12 is out:

— Tails (@Tails_live) October 20, 2020

Kiadták a Tails 4.12-es verzióját. A Tails az utóbbi időben került reflektorfénybe azzal, hogy kiderült, Snowden és csapata, Bruce Schneier is felhasználója, valamint, hogy az NSA-nál könnyen megfigyelésre jelölt lehet az, aki utána érdeklődik.

Részletek a bejelentésben.

Kategóriák: Informatika

NetBSD 9.1 - 2020, október 21 - 08:11
NetBSD 9.1 NetBSD trey 2020. 10. 21., sze - 08:11

NetBSD 9.1 is officially out, now with a new default window manager, improved touchpad support for ThinkPad laptops, NVMM and NPF updates, ZFS fixes, support for USB keys (including in Firefox!), support for aq(4) a 10G network driver, and more!

— NetBSD Foundation (@netbsd) October 20, 2020

A The NetBSD Foundation bejelentette a NetBSD 9.1 hivatalos elérhetőségét.

Főbb újdonságok:

Kategóriák: Informatika

Firebird 3.0.7 sub-release is available - 2020, október 20 - 19:49
Kategóriák: Informatika

Statement from the PostgreSQL Core Team on the EDB acquisition of 2ndQuadrant - 2020, október 20 - 02:00

Recently, the acquisition of 2ndQuadrant by EDB was announced. This resulted in the Core Team’s membership consisting of a majority of members being employed by EDB.

There has long been an unwritten rule that there should be no more than 50% of the membership of the Core Team working for the same company. As a result, there has been a lively ongoing discussion within the core team on how to best resolve this issue. For obvious reasons we do not want to rush into making changes.

We are aware that this has taken longer than expected, and apologise for any concern this may have caused in the community. Rest assured we are actively working to resolve the issue in a way that benefits the project, and will announce details as soon as possible once they are finalised.

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Íme a legnépszerűbb magyar appok Huawei telefonokra (x) - 2020, október 19 - 09:22
Íme a legnépszerűbb magyar appok Huawei telefonokra (x) Hirdetés hup 2020. 10. 19., h - 09:22

A Huawei gőzerővel fejleszti saját mobilos ökoszisztémáját, amely villámgyorsan került minden szempontból a legjobbak közé. A HMS-ben ráadásul már magyar alkalmazásokból is bőven található, meg is mutatjuk ezek toplistáját.

Kategóriák: Informatika

A következő telefonod kiválasztásánál szempont lesz, hogy tud-e 120Hz-es képernyőfrissítést? - 2020, október 18 - 10:00
A következő telefonod kiválasztásánál szempont lesz, hogy tud-e 120Hz-es képernyőfrissítést? PDA, Mobil, Tablet carlcolt 2020. 10. 18., v - 10:00

Érkezik a visszajelzés több helyről, hogy az új iPhone-okban probléma lehet, hogy még mindig 60Hz a képernyő frissítési rátája. Előbb-utóbb te is váltasz telefont: neked mennyire fontos, hogy 120Hz-es legyen?

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