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PostgreSQL news
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PostgreSQL 10.1, 9.6.6, 9.5.10, 9.4.15, 9.3.20, and 9.2.24 released!

2017, november 9 - 01:00

The PostgreSQL Global Development Group has released an update to all supported versions of our database system, including 10.1, 9.6.6, 9.5.10, 9.4.15, 9.3.20, and 9.2.24. This release fixes three security issues. This release also fixes issues found in BRIN indexing, logical replication and other bugs reported over the past three months.

All users using the affected versions of PostgreSQL should update as soon as possible. If you use BRIN indexes or contrib/start-scripts, please see the release notes for additional post-upgrade steps.

Security Issues

Three security vulnerabilities have been fixed by this release:

  • CVE-2017-12172: Start scripts permit database administrator to modify root-owned files
  • CVE-2017-15098: Memory disclosure in JSON functions
  • CVE-2017-15099: INSERT ... ON CONFLICT DO UPDATE fails to enforce SELECT privileges
CVE-2017-12172: Start scripts permit database administrator to modify root-owned files

Prior to this release, the startup log file for the postmaster (in newer releases, "postgres") process was opened while the process was still owned by root. With this setup, the database owner could specify a file that they did not have access to and cause the file to be corrupted with logged data.

This fix ensures that the startup log file is opened as the user specified to run the PostgreSQL server. Any users who have made use of the start scripts will need to ensure the startup log files are owned by the user specified to run the PostgreSQL server.

CVE-2017-15099: INSERT ... ON CONFLICT DO UPDATE fails to enforce SELECT privileges

Prior to this release, the "INSERT ... ON CONFLICT DO UPDATE" would not check to see if the executing user had permission to perform a "SELECT" on the index performing the conflicting check. Additionally, in a table with row-level security enabled, the "INSERT ... ON CONFLICT DO UPDATE" would not check the SELECT policies for that table before performing the update.

This fix ensures that "INSERT ... ON CONFLICT DO UPDATE" checks against table permissions and RLS policies before executing.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

This update also fixes a number of bugs reported in the last few months. Some of these issues affect only version 10, but many affect all supported versions:

  • Fix a race condition in BRIN indexing that could cause some rows to not be included in the indexing.
  • Fix crash when logical decoding is invoked from a PL language function.
  • Several fixes for logical replication.
  • Restored behavior for CTEs attached to INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE statements to pre-version 10.
  • Prevent low-probability crash in processing of nested trigger firings.
  • Do not evaluate an aggregate function's argument expressions when the conditions in the FILTER clause evaluate to FALSE. This complies with SQL-standard behavior.
  • Fix incorrect query results when multiple GROUPING SETS columns contain the same simple variable.
  • Fix memory leak over the lifespan of a query when evaluating a set-returning function from the target list in a SELECT.
  • Several fixes for parallel query execution, including fixing a crash in the parallel execution of certain queries that contain a certain type of bitmap scan.
  • Fix json_build_array(), json_build_object(), jsonb_build_array(), and jsonb_build_object() to handle explicit VARIADIC arguments correctly.
  • Prevent infinite float values from being casted to the numeric type.
  • Fix autovacuum's “work item” logic to prevent possible crashes and silent loss of work items.
  • Several fixes for VIEWs around adding columns to the end of a view.
  • Fix for hashability detection of range data types that are created by a user.
  • Improvements on using extended statistics on columns for the purposes of query planning.
  • Prevent idle_in_transaction_session_timeout from being ignored when a statement_timeout occurred earlier.
  • Fix low-probability loss of NOTIFY messages due more than 2 billion transactions processing before any queries are executed in the session.
  • Several file system interaction fixes.
  • Correctly restore the umask setting when file creation fails in COPY or lo_export().
  • Fix pg_dump to ensure that it emits GRANT commands in a valid order.
  • Fix pg_basebackup's matching of tablespace paths to canonicalize both paths before comparing to help improve Windows compatibility.
  • Fix libpq to not require user's home directory to exist when trying to read the "~/.pgpass" file.
  • Several fixes for ecpg.

This update also contains tzdata release 2017c, with updates for Fiji, Namibia, Northern Cyprus, Sudan, Tonga, and Turks & Caicos Islands, plus historical corrections for Alaska, Apia, Burma, Calcutta, Detroit, Ireland, Namibia, and Pago Pago.

EOL Notice for Version 9.2

PostgreSQL version 9.2 is now End-of-Life (EOL). No additional updates or security patches will be released by the community for this version. Users still on 9.2 are urged to upgrade as soon as possible. See our Versioning Policy for more information.

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Support for .NET Core 2.0 and PostgreSQL 10 in Updated dotConnect for PostgreSQL

2017, november 6 - 01:00

Devart updated dotConnect ADO.NET data provider for PostgreSQL, LINQ to SQL-compatible ORM solution LinqConnect, and an ORM designer Entity Developer.

.NET Standard Compatible Assemblies

dotConnect provider for PostgreSQL now has .NET Standard compatible assemblies both for .NET Standard 1.3 and .NET Standard 2.0. The new .NET Standard 2.0 compatible assemblies support many features, that are not available in .NET Standard 1.3 compatible assemblies. Particularly, the new assemblies include support for distributed transactions, DataAdapter and CommandBuilder classes, Dump classes, etc.

New Features in Entity Developer

The new version of Entity Developer supports Entity Framework Core 2.0. Now you can design both Entity Framework Core 1.1 and 2.0 models. In Entity Framework Core 2.0 models you can use complex types for entity properties, Entity Framework Core 2.0 native mapping for database scalar functions, table splitting, generate self-contained type configuration code, etc.

Additionally, the new version of Entity Developer now supports executing LINQ queries against the model and retrieving data when working with projects, targeting .NET Core or .NET Standard.

PostgreSQL 10 Support

The new dotConnect for PostgreSQL version also supports PostgreSQL 10.

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Aiven first to offer managed PG 10 on all major clouds

2017, november 2 - 01:00

Aiven Oy has been offering PostgreSQL 10 as a fully-managed service on AWS, GCP, Azure, DigitalOcean, and UpCloud platforms since October 2017, making it the first provider to offer production-ready PG 10.

Oskari Saarenmaa, Aiven’s CEO, discussed its importance: “Our push to being the first provider of PG 10 as a managed service is illustrative of our commitment to equipping users with the latest features that will help them get the most from their databases.”

Established in January 2016, Aiven is a DBaaS provider offering scalable managed database and messaging systems worldwide. To sign up for a free trial or to learn more about Aiven, visit

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Announcing the Release of OmniDB 2.3

2017, november 2 - 01:00

Oxford, United Kingdom - November 2, 2017

2ndQuadrant announces the release of OmniDB 2.3, which now includes a Debugger for PL/pgSQL functions, and is available for download here.

OmniDB is a browser-based database management tool. It is designed to be a powerful, yet lightweight, user-friendly and fast-performing interface for PostgreSQL databases. OmniDB is fully backed by 2ndQuadrant’s world renowned 24/7 Production Support.

OmniDB 2.3 presents new and exciting features, listed below:

  • Debugger for PL/pgSQL functions. This release presents a new interface and a PostgreSQL plugin for debugging PL/pgSQL functions. Users will be able to visualize the execution state of the debugging process at every step, including duration and final results, with statistics charts at the end of the operation.

  • Automatic saving of query tabs. This feature allows the user to work without manually saving queries. When the user closes OmniDB and restarts it, all the tabs with queries that have been executed will be automatically restored.

This release also includes important enhancements such as:

  • Automatic closing of database connections. OmniDB 2.3 introduces an interface and backend server that are completely synchronized. When a tab is closed, all connections in the backend related to that tab are closed simultaneously, this feature prevents from filling the database with unused backends.

For a complete list of changes, including detailed bug fixes, read the OmniDB change tracker here.

For more information, please send an email to

About 2ndQuadrant

2ndQuadrant is the Gold Standard for PostgreSQL Products & Services and consistently contributes enterprise features to enhance performance, scalability, security, and stability in PostgreSQL. Spanning 22 countries and 5 continents, 2ndQuadrant is the largest single collective organization of PostgreSQL experts. We have adopted the open source business model and are Platinum sponsors for the PostgreSQL project. Our focus on service quality is reflected in the consistent best-in-class NPS of over 75 for more than 2 years.

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MicroOLAP Database Designer meets PostgreSQL 10!

2017, november 1 - 01:00

The MicroOLAP team is proud to introduce Database Designer for PostgreSQL with support for PosgreSQL 10, an comprehensive CASE tool with intuitive graphical interface.

This release introduces support for PostgreSQL v10.

A huge amount of internal and architecture tasks were done either. Updated visual controls used as well as new exception tracer introduced.

Several new sample models were added: “USDA Food database”, “Chinook” and “AdventureWorks for Postgres”. There are many changes and bug fixes.


You're welcome to download the Database Designer for PostgreSQL 1.12.0 right now at:


Please don't hesitate to ask any questions or report bugs with our Support Ticketing system available at

Full changelog:
  • [!] SQL Executor and Validator support v10.0 grammar now
  • [+] "AdventureWorks for Postgres" model added as sample
  • [+] "Font Color" options added to Display Preferences
  • [+] "Font Color" options added to object editors
  • [+] "Quote Default value" option added for Domain editor
  • [+] Chinook database model added as sample
  • [+] macaddr8 type support added
  • [+] New detailed error dialog introduced for Reverse Engineering
  • [+] PARALLEL option added for stored routines
  • [+] PL/sh procedural language support added
  • [+] PL/v8 procedural language support added
  • [+] SQL keywords are properly highlighted according to 10.0 version
  • [+] USDA Food database model added as sample
  • [*] "Execution interrupted by user" error dialog replaced
  • [*] "Modify process interrupted by user" message box added
  • [*] Copyright info label updated
  • [*] Improved main window position and state restoring for maximized state
  • [*] Old unfancy loader removed
  • [*] Reverse Engineering respects role permissions on sequences now
  • [*] Splash screen updated
  • [-] "'Rules...' pop-up menu doesn't work for tables on diagram" bug fixed
  • [-] "Comments not displayed for views on diagram" bug fixed
  • [-] "Domains with time and timestamp base types were reversed with 0 type modifier, e.g. time(0)" bug fixed
  • [-] "EConvertError during time out for SSH connection" bug fixed
  • [-] "ERangeError after applying some colors to model background" bug fixed
  • [-] "Most Recent Used list of files for Access Import is empty after restart" bug fixed
  • [-] "Rare EAccessViolation during renaming references in the Reference Manager" bug fixed
  • [-] "Some views and stored routines need to be redrawn after Reverse Engineering by Redisplay menu" bug fixed
  • [-] "Universal Reverse Engineering returns empty model for sources with schemas" bug fixed
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Announcing General Availability of Amazon Aurora with PostgreSQL Compatibility

2017, október 24 - 02:00

Amazon Aurora is a fully managed relational database that combines the performance and availability of commercial databases with the simplicity and cost-effectiveness of open source databases. In April 2017, we announced an open preview of the PostgreSQL-compatible edition of Amazon Aurora. The service is now generally available to all customers.

Amazon Aurora with PostgreSQL compatibility provides up to three times better performance than the typical PostgreSQL database, together with scalability, durability and security. It also provides a high degree of compatibility with commercial databases, making it a compelling target for database migrations.

The service also includes Performance Insights, an easy-to-use database monitoring tool that helps you quickly detect performance problems and take corrective action. Performance Insights is available for preview at no additional cost and can be enabled with one click in the Amazon RDS Console.

The PostgreSQL-compatible edition of Amazon Aurora is available on r4.large – r4.16xlarge DB Instance Classes in the US-EAST-1 (N. Virginia), US-EAST-2 (Ohio), US-WEST-2 (Oregon) and EU-WEST-1 (Ireland) Regions. Please see the documentation for more information.

Please see Jeff Barr’s recent blog post for more information.

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PostgresDAC 3.3.0 meets PostgreSQL 10

2017, október 19 - 02:00
New milestone PostgresDAC release is out! Now with PostgreSQL 10 support.

PostgresDAC is a direct access component suite for RAD Studio (Delphi and C++Builder)/FreePascal/Lazarus and PostgreSQL, EnterpriseDB, Amazon RDS, PostgresPro and Heroku Postgres.

Full changelog:
  • [!] v10.0 client libraries added
  • [!] v10.0 dump & restore libraries (pg_dump.dll, pg_restore.dll) added
  • [!] PostgresDAC components are enabled on IDE Component pallette for all platforms from now
  • [+] doNoPublications option added to TPSQLDump.Options
  • [+] doNoSubscriptions option added to TPSQLDump.Options
  • [+] doNoSync option added to TPSQLDump.Options
  • [+] roNoPublications option added to TPSQLRestore.Options
  • [+] roNoSubscriptions option added to TPSQLRestore.Options
  • [-] Сrash fixed in TPSQLRestore when using parallel mode and using a list file to select a subset of items

You're welcome to download the PostgresDAC v3.3.0 right now at: or login to your private area on our site at


Please don't hesitate to ask any questions or report bugs with our Support Ticketing system available at

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Announcing the Release of repmgr v4.0 Beta

2017, október 11 - 02:00

Oxford, United Kingdom - October 11, 2017

2ndQuadrant is proud to announce the release of repmgr 4 (Beta). repmgr has been the most popular tool for PostgreSQL failover since 2010. v4 updates repmgr to support the recently released PostgreSQL 10.

This new release contains a number of changes related to WAL functionality and minor bug fixes. Additionally, there is a new log line type: DETAIL. Meaning that additional context for log messages is now provided in a separate DETAIL log line (similar to PostgreSQL). This release includes other important enhancements, some of which are listed below:

  • Improved switchover functionality
  • Redesigned failover mechanism
  • Faster performance
  • Improved checking of prerequisites
  • Easier upgrading
  • Suitable for setting up replication clusters in provisioning environments

Read the full release notes for repmgr 4.0 here

repmgr is an open source package that helps DBAs and System Administrators manage a cluster of PostgreSQL databases. repmgr greatly simplifies the process of setting up and managing databases with high availability and scalability requirements.

repmgr is developed and maintained by 2ndQuadrant. It is fully supported by their respected 24/7 Production Support, providing the fastest and highest rated response service for PostgreSQL anywhere and is available worldwide. repmgr is distributed under GPL v3.

Repmgr 4 download and installation instructions are available here

About 2ndQuadrant

2ndQuadrant is the Gold Standard for PostgreSQL Products & Services and consistently contributes enterprise features to enhance performance, scalability, security, and stability in PostgreSQL. Spanning 22 countries and 5 continents, 2ndQuadrant is the largest single collective organization of PostgreSQL experts. We have adopted the open source business model and are Platinum sponsors for the PostgreSQL project. Our focus on service quality is reflected in the consistent best-in-class NPS of over 75 for more than 2 years.

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PGConf APAC 2018 CFP is Open

2017, október 10 - 02:00

Following the success of two consecutive pan-Asia Postgres event - pgDay Asia 2016 and pgDay Asia 2017 held along with FOSSASIA, we are pleased to announce PGConf APAC 2018 to be held in Singapore from 22nd to 24th of March, 2018. Once again the conference will be held along with FOSSASIA - one of the largest FOSS conference on the planet. PGConf APAC will be PostgreSQL conference series for all PostgreSQL enthusiasts and users in the Asia Pacific region.

For more details on FOSSASIA -

You will be able to enjoy one of the largest PostgreSQL conference in Asia and one of the largest FOSS conferences to meet like minded individuals in the same week!

pgDay Asia 2016 and pgDay Asia 2017 would not have been possible without your awesome talks and we would like to invite speakers from all over the globe to present at the PGConf APAC 2018. We would like to open Call For Paper for PGConf APAC 2018. Some of the topics which can be used for submitting a talk are-

  1. Migration projects
  2. Performance troubleshooting and tuning
  3. noSQL and geo-spatial features of Postgres
  4. Unique use-case and customer stories
  5. Useful new features in PostgreSQL 10

For more examples you can refer to the papers which were presented at last year's event - 2016 and 2017.

Of course we are happy to accept paper proposals on any other interesting topics as well.

To submit you proposal for presentation please go to this link -


To be Announced

Call for Papers

2017-10-10: Proposals acceptance begins

2017-12-04: Proposals acceptance ends

2017-12-13: Authors of accepted proposals contacted

If you need any additional information please contact our team at pgconfapac(at)googlegroups(dot)com.

This conference is organized by the PostgreSQL people from Asian communities. If you have any question, feel free to contact us on pgconfapac(at)googlegroups(dot)com.

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PostgresOpen SV 2017 - Wrap Up

2017, október 10 - 02:00

PostgresOpen SV 2017 was a smashing success! Thank you so much to all of our fantastic attendees, our great speakers and our sponsors for helping make it happen.

All of the videos for all of the general session talks and the keynotes are now available online here:

The slides for most of the talks have been posted to the Wiki, thanks to our wonderful speakers:

We'll be back in San Francisco again in 2018!

If you didn't have a chance to check it out already, we encourage you to visit our blog, with posts from our Diamond and Platinum sponsors:

Special thanks to our sponsors! We wouldn't be able to put on these awesome events without their help and support. Be on the lookout for our 2018 Call For Sponsors which will be happening soon!

For 2017 we were pleased to be able to recognize our three Diamond sponsors:




And our Platinum sponsor:


Be sure to check out our site to see all of our Gold, Silver and Supporter sponsors for 2017, and our Community Partners here:

PostgresOpen wouldn't be able to happen without the tireless efforts of the individuals at the United States PostgreSQL Association (PgUS), please consider joining us to help run events in your area and to work to grow PostgreSQL!

PgUS is the non-profit organization which backs PostgresOpen and other events and we are always looking for help.

We look forward to seeing everyone in San Francisco again next year!

Any questions? Please contact:

Stephen Frost & Craig Kerstiens PostgresOpen SV 2017 Committee Co-Chairs

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Announcing the Release of pglogical 2.1

2017, október 9 - 02:00

Oxford, United Kingdom - October 9, 2017

2ndQuadrant is proud to announce the release of pglogical 2.1, the next generation in logical replication, for PostgreSQL 10 - the latest major release of of the world's most advanced open source database. Implemented entirely as a PostgreSQL 10 extension, pglogical is a logical replication system that serves as a highly efficient method of replicating data as an alternative to physical replication.

This new release presents important enhancements and bug fixes including:

  • Fixed dropping of extensions when pglogical is in shared_preload_libraries but not used in the current database
  • Improved compatibility with pglogical 1.x provider
  • Fixed computation of CURRENT_TIMESTAMP on subscriber
  • Improved error reporting
  • Improved replication origins handling

pglogical is fully integrated, it requires no triggers or external programs. This alternative to physical replication is a highly efficient method of replicating data using a publish/subscribe model for selective replication.

pglogical is supported by 2ndQuadrant. 2ndQuadrant’s respected 24/7 Production Support provides the fastest and highest rated response service for PostgreSQL anywhere and is available worldwide.

Download and installation instructions are available here.

For more information, please send an email to

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Database .NET v23 released

2017, október 6 - 02:00

Database .NET v23 is an innovative, powerful and intuitive multiple database management tool. (Full support for PostgreSQL 8/9/10)

Free, All-In-One, Portable, Single executable file and Multi-language.

Major New features from version 22.1 to 23.1:

  • PostgreSQL 10 support
  • Added Finding and Replacing Multiple Documents
  • Added DateTime Picker with TimeZone
  • Added Quick Filter objects
  • Added Search Object DDL (Pro)
  • Added Highlighting Groups of Cells
  • Added Using \r\n as record separator by Exporting and Importing delimited text files
  • Added Multi line search
  • Added Search result highlighting
  • Added JSON Editor and Viewer
  • ...and more
For more information please visit
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dbMigration .NET v6.5 released

2017, október 6 - 02:00

dbMigration .NET v6.5 is a simple, easy and intuitive multiple database migration and sync tool, With it you can easily migrate schema and data to PostgreSQL and vice versa without complicated procedures.

Free, All-In-One, Portable, Single executable file and Multi-language.

Major New features and improvements from version 5.1 to 6.5:

  • Massive performance improvements (>30%+)
  • Better support for windows display scaling
  • Added Migrating data with a SQL statement
  • Added support for Asynchronous connection open
  • Added automatically reset sequences after migrating the table
  • Improved Graphical User Interface
  • Improved Data Synchronization
  • Improved Automatic Mapping Types
  • Improved Custom Mapping Types (UDT and length)
  • Improved Command-Line parsing
  • ...and more
The new version is immediately available for download.
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pgAdmin 4 v2.0 Released

2017, október 5 - 02:00

The pgAdmin Development Team are pleased to announce pgAdmin 4 version 2.0, the most popular graphical administration and management tool for the PostgreSQL database.

This release of pgAdmin 4 includes over 70 bug fixes and new features. For more details please see the release notes.

Notable changes in this release include:

  • PostgreSQL and EDB Advanced Server 10 support, including table partitioning
  • An updated icon set and embedded fonts for consistent look and feel on all platforms
  • Significant speed enhancements, particularly at startup time
  • Out-of-the-box ability to run in either server or desktop mode with no additional configuration changes required
  • Support for SSL certificate based authentication
  • Detailed display of server status info on the dashboards, with options to cancel queries and terminate sessions

For more information, please see the website

Download your copy here

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PostgreSQL 10 Released

2017, október 5 - 02:00

The PostgreSQL Global Development Group today announced the release of PostgreSQL 10, the latest version of the world's most advanced open source database.

A critical feature of modern workloads is the ability to distribute data across many nodes for faster access, management, and analysis, which is also known as a "divide and conquer" strategy. The PostgreSQL 10 release includes significant enhancements to effectively implement the divide and conquer strategy, including native logical replication, declarative table partitioning, and improved query parallelism.

"Our developer community focused on building features that would take advantage of modern infrastructure setups for distributing workloads," said Magnus Hagander, a core team member of the PostgreSQL Global Development Group. "Features such as logical replication and improved query parallelism represent years of work and demonstrate the continued dedication of the community to ensuring Postgres leadership as technology demands evolve."

This release also marks the change of the versioning scheme for PostgreSQL to a "x.y" format. This means the next minor release of PostgreSQL will be 10.1 and the next major release will be 11.

Logical Replication - A publish/subscribe framework for distributing data

Logical replication extends the current replication features of PostgreSQL with the ability to send modifications on a per-database and per-table level to different PostgreSQL databases. Users can now fine-tune the data replicated to various database clusters and will have the ability to perform zero-downtime upgrades to future major PostgreSQL versions.

"We have been heavily using PostgreSQL since 9.3 and are very excited about version 10 since it brings basis for long-awaited partitioning and built-in logical replication. It will allow us to use PostgreSQL in even more services," said Vladimir Borodin, DBA Team Lead at Yandex.

Declarative Table Partitioning - Convenience in dividing your data

Table partitioning has existed for years in PostgreSQL but required a user to maintain a nontrivial set of rules and triggers for the partitioning to work. PostgreSQL 10 introduces a table partitioning syntax that lets users easily create and maintain range and list partitioned tables. The addition of the partitioning syntax is the first step in a series of planned features to provide a robust partitioning framework within PostgreSQL.

Improved Query Parallelism - Quickly conquer your analysis

PostgreSQL 10 provides better support for parallelized queries by allowing more parts of the query execution process to be parallelized. Improvements include additional types of data scans that are parallelized as well as optimizations when the data is recombined, such as pre-sorting. These enhancements allow results to be returned more quickly.

Quorum Commit for Synchronous Replication - Distribute data with confidence

PostgreSQL 10 introduces quorum commit for synchronous replication, which allows for flexibility in how a primary database receives acknowledgement that changes were successfully written to remote replicas. An administrator can now specify that if any number of replicas has acknowledged that a change to the database has been made, then the data can be considered safely written.

"Quorum commit for synchronous replication in PostgreSQL 10 gives more options to extend our ability to promote database infrastructure with nearly zero downtime from the application perspective. This allows us to continuously deploy and update our database infrastructure without incurring long maintenance windows," said Curt Micol, Staff Infrastructure Engineer at Simple Finance.

SCRAM-SHA-256 authentication - Secure your data access

The Salted Challenge Response Authentication Mechanism (SCRAM) defined in RFC5802 defines a protocol to improve upon the secure storage and transmission of passwords by providing a framework for strong password negotiation. PostgreSQL 10 introduces the SCRAM-SHA-256 authentication method, defined in RFC7677, to provide better security than the existing MD5-based password authentication method.

Links About PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL is the world's most advanced open source database, with a global community of thousands of users, contributors, companies and organizations. The PostgreSQL Project builds on over 30 years of engineering, starting at the University of California, Berkeley, and has continued with an unmatched pace of development. PostgreSQL's mature feature set not only matches top proprietary database systems, but exceeds them in advanced database features, extensibility, security and stability. Learn more about PostgreSQL and participate in our community at

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hypopg 1.1.0 released

2017, október 5 - 02:00

Version 1.1.0 of hypopg has just been released.

hypopg is a PostgreSQL extension adding support for hypothetical indexes.

An hypothetical, or virtual, index is an index that doesn't really exist, and thus doesn't cost CPU, disk, or any resource to create. They're useful to know if specific indexes might increase performance for problematic queries, since you could know if PostgreSQL will use these indexes or not without having to spend resources to create them.

This release adds support for hypothetical indexes on expression, an hypopg_get_indexdef() function to get the SQL command that will create the real index corresponding to a stored hypothetical index, PostgreSQL 10 compatiiblity, and bug fixes.

Please see the changelog for more details.

Many thanks to Andrew Kane and Rob Stolarz for reporting issues.

Source repository:

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